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Got three-phase machines and only single-phase power? We've got the solution!



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V. I. P.  S E C T I O N

Chuck in Sandusky, Mi.
"Thank you for extremely fast service. Your honesty is great, will not be forgotten."

W. Lloyd in Lenoir City, Tn.
Would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" for all your help in solving the problem with my lathe..."

L. H. from Fort Prince, Fl.
"Thank you so much for your continued assistance in dealing with getting my surface grinder working. After purchasing Phase-A-Matic equipment I encountered problems in making my old machine breath life again. Through your assistance you provided a solution to my dilemma. The use of your equipment is making my grinder work like new and it is providing me some freed up time by expediting the time needed to flatten metal used in my business. In this day and age it is a rare opportunity to work with a company and a person as yourself that is truly committed to the support of their customers...Again, thank you so much for your patience and for putting together the right equipment that would work for my older machine."

"I run my mill in a static phase converter no problem. Starts and instance reverse works fine. A Phase-A-Matic. I have 3 of them on different machines."

"Thanks for your advice..... all is running with correct voltages and no more phase shift. Thanks again! I will of course remember Phase-A-Matic in my recommendations and future purchases."

Fred K.
I bought a Phase-A-Matic ...Works fine..Tech support was great..had a small problem, and one of their engineers spent half a day on the phone with me..and called back several days later to follow up. When was the last time you've had a tech support engineer call you back for a followup check???"

Al K. in Naperville, Il.
"...I will gladly tell anyone about your products. One thing more I like is that they are "made in U.S.A."

"bought one of your (heavy duty) units for a 1-3 HP motor for my like a charm...instant reverse and all - best thing that ever happened - thank you very much."

M. T.
"I have been a very satisfied user of your static phase converters for years."

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Phase Converters

Providing three-phase power from single-phase lines at a fraction of the installation and operating cost of running three-phase utility lines to your property.

Need 3-phase power?

Get converted - let us show you how

From the management at Phase-A-Matic, Inc.

Our PHASE CONVERTERS have been used to change single-phase electricity into three-phase power for over 50 years, helping folks to operate the machinery they need to be in business and get the work done. We are humbled and privileged to help facilitate the goals and dreams of those who come to us for help. We look forward to being a part of your success story, too.

-The Phase-A-Matic Team



Run three-phase electric motors and equipment from any single-phase electric power location.

Uses & Applications

Panels, Torque Boosters, Weatherproof, Explosion Proof, and Totally Enclosed Rotary Converters are Available.

Phase-A-Matic, Inc. might possibly manufacture, stock, and distribute more Phase Converters than any other manufacturer in the United States and worldwide, having earned a name for being of the highest quality and proven dependability, including in service, technical support and up-time that is available anywhere.

Exports: We export to almost any country worldwide.

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Our Phase Converters are.
used by military branches of the

United States Department of Defense

.Colleges and Universities use.
Phase-A-Matic converters to teach
phase conversion technology.

Phase-A-Matic, Inc. may carry the largest stock of phase converters in the world. We supply the major catalog houses with available product. We are equipped to receive large orders for Phase Converters by 2:00 PM and ship them the same day. We maintain a consistent high-count stock, ready to ship, meeting the demand here in the USA and for our ever expanding world-wide sales - shipping to countries all around the globe. We maintain stock on very large Rotary Converters - 75 & 100 HP in both 220V and 460V. -We are ready when you are!

We know that technical support is important for your power conversion success. Our technical support team is dedicated to assist you with every aspect of your converting needs from choosing the right converter to any help you may need in the proper installation and operation of the converter on your machine. Our technical expertise is derived from over 50 years of experience in phase converter systems. We have amassed a huge database of information on virtually every kind of application possible, from very basic to the most sophisticated of applications.

Call for assistance or place an order:

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Phase-A-Matic, Inc. has thousands of dealers nation- wide, plus international distributors who are ready to assist you. Call today for your nearest distributor. Or, call us and order directly from Phase-A-Matic, Inc. at:

Phase-A-Matic™ phase converter products are also available through our major stocking dealers listed below and their catalogs. Also see Where To Order.


Since 1965



 Phase-A-Matic, Inc. also provides
for all your transformer needs.


Dependable, economical
power source

Rotary Converter
Rotary Phase Converter
Static Converter
Static Phase Converter

Voltage Stabilizer
Voltage Stabilizer

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V. I. P.  S E C T I O N

David P.
I am grateful for the fast, honest, reliable service from the Phase-A-Matic factory, so that I can use my 3-phase woodworking machines with no troubles. I will be glad to spread the word that Phase-A-Matic is the best place to do business with for future needs. Thank you."

A. Schuck in Illinois
"..thanks for taking your time to listen and help me with the correction of my phase converter issue!! -your service rocks!! -and "customer service" so pleasant to speak with!!! Almost unheard of in today's customer service actions. Again thanks!!!"

B. Milton
"Over the years I've had Phase-A-Matic [rotary converter] and half a dozen other brands. The PAM was the quietest.."

" great on the R-50, ....fires up the entire load without any trouble. Yours will be the only brand I look at in the future."

I. S. in Pittsburgh, Pa.
"..I trust your company and very much like this unit, it allows me to operate machinery that I would not ordinarily use."

H. S. in Portland, Or.
"Just wanted to say thank you for such prompt services. It is a great pleasure to find a company that puts customer services first."

Jason J.
"You have restored my faith in customer service in America!!! I cannot thank you enough for not only taking my calls trying to troubleshoot my phase converter but then going above and beyond to send me a replacement. It is extremely rare to be able to call support and talk to someone you can understand, your people are knowledgeable of your product as well as the equipment it is installed on. Kudos to you for staffing your company with courteous intelligent people who are eager to help."  

From Pennsylvania
"I just bought a Phase-A-Matic 7.5 hp [rotary converter] ...this unit is very quiet. This is going to replace a 2 hp and three phase-a-matic static converters. I've never had a problem with their units at all."






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