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    Machine Information

    4. Is the motor a one or two-speed motor? 
    6. Single-phase voltage available       Cycles  
    7. 3-phase voltage required      
    8. Percent of output required  1-67%68-100%
    9. Does the lathe have a clutch?  YesNo
      (If headstock does NOT turn while motor starts, it does have a clutch)
    10. Will the lathe start frequently?  YesNo
    11. Will you be doing instant reversing as in rigid tapping?  YesNo
    12. Does the machine stall out? YesNo
    13. The motor is
    14. 3-phase voltage required        Cycles  
    15. If the machine is a CNC machine, does it have regenerative braking?  YesNo
    16. CNC or other electronic controls 
    17. Remarks